Cava Naveran

The origins of can parellada, where the family home and cavas naveran are located, date back to the 11th century, as witnessed by the romanesque chapel that still exists on the estate. Naveran cultivates its vines using purely ecological methods: no pesticides or herbicides, all fertilizers are organic. In the event of heavy rains, the grapes are allowed to fall to ensure a quality harvest. In their continuous search for excellence, they also strive for innovation.

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Finca Aylés is located in northeastern Spain near Zaragoza and southeastern of La Rioja. The Ramón Reula family started this ambitious wine project in the 1980s, purchasing small estates and vineyards to restore the original and historic Finca Aylés, which dates back to the Middle Ages, back to its former glory. They have the highest qualification you can earn in Spain and do not fall under protection of origin as in Rioja or Ribera del Duero, but are actually a designation of origin in itself. We call this Viños de Pago or in this case Pago Aylés. There are only a few in Spain (15 to be exact). The Finca is the largest family and historic Bodega of Aragón where all vineyards are worked under organic label. They have a unique and extreme continental climate where temperatures can fluctuate to extremes. Together with the exceptional variation in soil and the historical individuality of Finca Aylés, they make this winery an appellation in itself. The wines are therefore of exceptional quality and are a must for every enthusiastic wine lover!

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The Reula family owns one of the most promising wine estates in Cariñena (Aragon). Both in terms of wine techniques and general ambition, they aspire no more or no less than the absolute top of the wine pyramid. Their wines are indispensable gems for every wine lover. EL CHIQUER is actually a kind of journey of discovery in which the valleys of Ribera del Jiloca are rediscovered. It is one of the oldest wine regions in Spain, dating back to Roman times. It is a dream come true to restore these old and forgotten vineyards before they are gone. Their Macabeo from very old vines is simply impressive. With IMMORTALIS they go beyond the safe boundaries of the appellation and bring a range of wines from different corners of Spain. In regions such as Priorat, Terra Alta, Rias Baixas, Calatayud and Bullas, the best vineyards were selected and processed according to the strictest standards, each time using all their know-how to present an absolute top wine from these respective regions. The name IMMORTALIS may come across as a bit presumptuous, but it nicely indicates what one wants to stand here ... Regions as previously mentioned only deserve worthy representatives that belong to the best wines in Spain.

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Bodegas Val de Horna

15 years ago there were only 3 winegrowers active in Ribera del Jiloca. However, this high altitude wine valley offers enormous potential to produce top quality wines. It is located partly in the province of Teruel and partly in Zaragoza. The people of Aylés, Ramon Reula, also noticed this opportunity and, as specialists of the 'Garnacha' grape, they committed themselves fully to prove what is possible with this grape at altitude. The vineyards are now on average almost 40 years old and are located at an altitude of 800m. The wines are aged in 2 meter high concrete eggs, which produces spectacular results. Another crown on the work of the Aylés team, which specialized in revaluing forgotten and long-lost wine regions. They also succeed in producing an extraordinary wine from an 'ordinary' grape like Macabeo. Yields are kept low, there is no irrigation and the wines are produced using the most modern techniques. It is therefore not surprising that Val de Hornas is an undeniable added value in the already varied Spanish wine landscape.

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